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Polaris Rules and Guidelines

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Polaris Rules and Guidelines

Post by Bidi on Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:30 pm

Polaris Rules and Guidelines

As members of Polaris you will be representing the faction.

1. Harassment and discrimination: We will not tolerate any form of this. Playful ribbing is one thing, but intentionally doing/saying something to offend somone playing PWI will be dealt with swiftly and with no malice.

2. Language: While we are generally an adult oriented faction, there may be youngsters out there too. If you wouldn't say it with your mom looking over your shoulder, then don't say it.

3. PWI Terms: Violation of Perfect World Terms will be grounds for immediate removal from the faction.

4. Drama: Drama happens everywhere, it is how you deal with it that sets you apart. As members of Polaris you will strive to take any drama to private chat, with any player. If it involves a Polaris member and you need to talk to an officer about any policy or just an offical voice to solve a dispute, do so as privately as possible. Polaris members WILL NOT engage in WC trolling, verbal fighting, name calling, or any other form of slanderous actions. You must always be respectful of your fellow player, no matter how much their views clash with your own.

5. Looting: Tab holders of FB runs get first choice of all drops. All other drops should be discussed before the run or they will be considered random loot. All loot decisions can be made when squad is formed, there should be no problems after that.

6. PK-ing: (Player Killing) While we are on a PVE server, some of you may desire to venture into PK mode. This behavior is acceptable, however rules apply. PK-ing weak players (15 levels or more lower than you) is strongly frowned upon. Maintain a certain level of dignity and refrain from attacking those much weaker than you. Additionally, actions such as PK-ing people, reviving them, and then PK-ing them again is not tolerated, although funny. Such behavior will result in expulsion from the faction as they smear reflect poorly on our faction.

7. Scamming: The exploitation of scams to obtain more money/items than you should actually be receiving is absolutely unacceptable. Not only will this result in your immediate expulsion from the faction, but a reaport will be filed with PWI, with repercusions from there as they desire.

8. Glitch Exploitation: While some glitches are readily used, (the hidden area in Delerium, the boss in FF that wont attack, etc...), this does not make it acceptable by PWI and you may face repercussions from them. Other glitches which may be discovered later (Item Duping or any other gameplay altering glitches), which obviously are a violation of PWI ToS will result in faction ban, and a report will be filed with PWI.

9. Rage Quitting: Rage Quitting is when you dont get what you want so therefore leave the faction. Any member who "Rage Quits" must be reinstated by either The Leader or The Director. If you feel you have been wronged stop and think over your actions before doing something you may regret. Repeated occurances will not be tolerated, one second chance is more than enough for rash decisions.

10. Recruitment: Recruitment of members from other factions, especially allies, is unethical and just outright wrong. If members of other factions approach you and wish to leave their current faction and join ours that is thier perogative. However, we WILL NOT ACTIVELY recruit any player from any faction.

Polaris members are expected to adhere to PWI ToS and always show the utmost respect for themselves, their faction, their friends, and the entire PWI community.

Thank You


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