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Polaris Member Titles and Activity

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Polaris Member Titles and Activity

Post by Bidi on Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:03 pm

It comes to my attention that while our roster appears to be fairly active, a large number of these "active" members are not actually participating in the faction. Therefore, beginning 1-1-13, titles will be changed to date stamps for everyone.

This does not mean that we dont want to get more personally involved with each and every one of you. But, for those that log in and just sit AFK, or who have titles but never play, it will be reflected in thier title.

Getting your title changed will require more than just being online, you must be active in GC, and request your title to be changed. While the Leader and Director are the only ones who can change titles, Marshalls can keep track as well, and have the appropriate person make the changes.

This is effective for all Polaris members, including officers..

NO more logging in and doing nothing to help your faction.
NO more logging in and just reflecting.
NO more logging in and ignoring GC.

In an effort to help make us more effective and work together better, please use your faction chat as a first option to find a assistance, particularly when it comes to squads. Also, while I understand how nice it is to play with your RL friends/family, there are others in the faction as well. Please make the effort to squad with different faction members from time to time, it will help us all grow in a number of ways.

1) Squading the same members allows you the opportunity to learn how each other plays and react to each other without communication. (I.E. Learn which cleric runs and which stays, which barb attacks one mob at a time and which grabs all, etc...)
2) Squading with different faction members will allow you the opportunity to evaluate, and be evaluated, by others with less, or more, experience. (I.E. See different skills and their effects, different combos, and of course wee what does and does not work)
3) Squading with faction members means you are increasing the overall average level of Polaris, not just you and your squad of other people. (6 polaris members in one squad means XP times 6, vs. you and 5 randoms at Xp times 1)
4) Squading with different faction members allows you to experience different areas of the game. (I.E. Classes start different areas, People level different ways)
5) Squading with faction members builds faction unity and a sense of family, rather than friends, or even worse "some guy in my faction".

Thank you


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