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Polaris Charter

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Polaris Charter

Post by Bidi on Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:22 pm

Polaris Charter

Leader - Bidi
Director -
Marshal -
Marshal - Onsu
Marshal - SapphireMinx
Marshal - Choude

Polaris Requirements

1. Register for the forum boards. This will help us all communicate better

2. Read the guild charter, our rules are simple, common sense, and unbendable.

3. Most importantly, HAVE FUN.

Polaris Benefits

1) Community. Once you are accepted to our faction you will become a part of Polaris, not just a member of the faction but a part of the family known as Polaris. Your actions will reflect upon Polaris as a whole, not just yourself.

2) Game Knowledge. Everyone has someting to teach, and something to learn. We have all gained knowledge in different ways, through sharing our experiences, (breakthroughs and defeats), we may share what we know with one another. Any questions you may have, from distribution of attribute points, to Cube of Fate, to Realm of Reflection. We offer a variety of advice from our members.

3) Assistance. There should always be someone eager to help. Whether you need help with a boss, some tough mobs, or with some other aspect of the game, we are ready and willing. However, while we are eager to provide help, we also need to level ourselves and meet personal requirements, all of us are trying to enjoy the game, so please be patient.

4) Companionship. Throughout your training you will be offered an assortment of players to team with for your quests. Members working on the same quest, members trying to help you push through that tough quest, or just a squad of members to run a dungeon together.

5) Chat. We offer advice, humor, tales of triumph and defeat, and just all around friendliness with each other.

Polaris members are expected to adhere to PWI ToS and always show the utmost respect for themselves, their faction, their friends, and the entire PWI community.

Thank You


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